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Q: Do regular hand- job cause any harm?
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Can birthmarks give brain damages?

No. Some birthmarks may turn cancerous, which could effect your health, but a regular birth mark with not cause you any harm.

Is he amount of arsonic in one potato of any harm?

i doubt that there is enough to cause harm.

Can any interaction with the pet dog cause any harm to kids at home?

The potential for harm is there, both directly and indirectly.

I have this birth control in my arm that last 3 years but it went dead the 20th can it cause any harm in late removal?

No, a birth control method that is implanted will not cause any harm even if it is a late removal.

What types of sound can cause harm?

Any kind, if it's loud enough.

Could tourist development in Cambodia cause any harm to wetland?

Yes it can

Can you eat woman fluid coming out of her?

Yes you can, it won't cause any harm to you.

Can you give me a sentence for the word bodily?

Writing this sentence did not cause me any bodily harm.

Will taking anti oxidants containg natural foods cause any harm to body?


Can wearing jeans in your 6th month harm your unborn baby?

Jeans do not cause harm to pregnancy in any way. But clothes should not be fitting tightly on the abdomen and cause undue pressure on your abdomen.

Will it cause any harm to the game inserted into the PS3 if someone spends too much time on the internet on the PS3?

No, you will definitely cause no harm to the game if you spend too much on the internet on the PS3.

Is it safe to swim in a pool if you have cut on your hand?

Yes, it wont do you or anyone else any harm.