Do redheads really have bad tempers?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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As a red head myself i can have a bad temper. this is due to the fact that as a kid i was pick on for have red hair, but when i hit middle school i let the temper show more often. also around this time i started lifting and i put on a good deal of muscel, add to that im 6 foot and i look down on the people i live around, i started to look more the part. i also have more defined facial featurs then other redheads i know and this helps (infact most people ask if i dye my hair red becaus i dont seem to fit the description). but as i got older i learned to controle my temper, unless one of my freinds makes me angry, when that happens its like a switch, i go from calm one second and crazy lunitic the next. the look on peoples faces when this happens is very satisfing. but yes i can have a temper, i dont see it as a handycap thow i see it as a refined tool that can help when things get tight. and to end this page i would like to say that most redheads in my oppion would not have the temper if we werent pick on as kids, then agen like red hair the temper might be genetic. Ok so as a redhead I would say no we don't have tempers. I even ask people do I have temper? & theysay no! We get angry just like anybody else. I mean people that don't have redhair hay worse tempers.

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Absolutely Not! Just because Redheads have red hair doesn't mean that they are "hot headed". This question might have risen because some weirdo thought just because a bull hates red, it make red a fiery color. Hair color doesn't have to do with personal characteristics.

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Q: Do redheads really have bad tempers?
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Truth or myth about redheads?

There are many myths about redheads. One myth is that they all have hot tempers, but the truth is that anyone can have a bad temper.

What are redheads known for?

Their tempers

Why do redheads have a bad rep?

A bad rep??? They don't.. A lot of redheads are attractive... I'm one of them. I get just as much, if not more, guy attention as any blonde or brunette. All that stereotype just stems from the old saying that redheads are hot-tempered. I think what this question is all about is the old saying, 'redheads have hot tempers.' The answer is yes/no. Brunettes, blonds, black haired people and redheads can all have bad tempers. I'm Scottish/Irish and if cornered I can have one bad temper. However, I've learned to curb my anger more and am pretty laid-back, but if someone keeps hounding me the redhead couldn't keep up with me (medium brown hair with blond streaks.)

Why do Mexican women have bad tempers?

Sorry, not all of them have bad tempers.

Do Italians have bad tempers?

That is the same thing as asking if Americans have bad tempers. Some do, some don't.

Names of Jazz artist and song about redheads?

well its simple really!!!!

Where can you find really dark red hair colour?

Natural Redheads ftw

Are Fred and George really redheads?

The characters are real redheads yes. However, James and Oliver Phelps who play them in the movie both have brown hair and dyed their hair for the movies.

Who is more of a minority Arabs or redheads?


What makes redheads crazy?

Redheads More Hot Tempered Than Individuals Of Other Hair Color:It's simply a myth. Blonds and Brunettes or black-haired people can be just as hot tempered. It started out with the red headed Irish having hot tempers, and the men are known for their brawling, but so are the Aussies for that matter. Scottish can also be hot-headed.It isn't a myth. Its because they have red heads and that makes them angry.

Why do people have bad tempers?

There are a number of reasons for having a bad temper. Sometimes genetics can play a role. Brain injury can also play a role. Sometimes a person has a lot of psychological triggers and a lot of hidden "rules" that others trigger by accident. Sometimes those with tempers were abused, or they could be in pain or frustrated.

Are redheads really hot tempered like the saying goes?

Yesss! We Are Verryyyy Hot Tempered, And I Recommend You Don't Mess With Us Redheads((: People Ask Me If I'm Hot Tempered Because I Have Red Hair, And The Answer Really Is, It Depends How Well You Know Me!(: -Angelique Nuno.