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yes as proteins are made of amino acids which contain an amine functional group (Nh2)

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Yes they do.

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Q: Do protein molecules contain oxygen carbon and nitrogen?
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Which contain nitrogen in addition to carbon oxygen and hydrogen?


What elements are found in protein molecules?

oxyen hydrogen carbon and nitrogen

What does protein contain that carbs and lipids don't?

lipids do not contain proteins

What are four main elements from which protein is made?

All proteins contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Most of them also contain sulfur, which is found in the standard amino acid residues cysteine and methionine (any given protein might not contain either of these, though it would be unusual).

What molecules always contain nitrogen?

nitrogen gasammonianitratesnitrogen tri-iodideexplosivesamino acidsproteinsetc.

What biomolecules contain nitrogen?

Nucleic Acids

Which element contains protein?

Elements are pure substances, consisting of atoms. They do not contain proteins. Proteins are molecules consisting of a chain of atoms.

What elements are most commonly found in organic compounds?

all organic molecules contain carbon atomsCarbon, hydrogen and oxygen

What major element is found in protein?

Proteins contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.

What does the hemoglobin in blood contain?

Hemoglobin is made up of heme and globular protein. The heme contains iron inside a ring of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen molecules. The protein chains are complex helical structures.

Does protein contain carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen?

yes it does. and its made of amino acid

What do all organic molecules contain?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and NITROGEN!!! Nitrogen is in all organic molecules because it is needed to complete an amino acid- also found in all organic molecules!!!