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People that lie only understand the damage that will be done to THEM if they DON'T lie. One tiny lie can lead to the end of a relationship or can lead to something even worse than that. In the end the truth ALWAYS finds a way to come out.

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Q: Do people that lie understand the damage they do?
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No. The damage from the bomb was so great, it took a while for people outside of Hiroshima to understand the extent of the damage.

How many people are lied to on the internet?

This is the type of question that can not be answered quite right. People are always lieing, so even if there was a type of poll, people would lie and say that they don't lie. Does anybody understand this? It is fairly simple.

What were ways that enslaved people resisted slavery?

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What were 3 ways that enslaved people resist slavery?

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How do you damage a brick?

If I wanted to damage a brick, I would lie it on concrete and smash it numerous times over with a hammer.

What percentage of people lie a year?

There are no statistics for how many people lie a year.

Why do all girls lie?

Not all girls lie, but most do. Both genders sometimes lie as an attempt to get themselves out of trouble. Some people lie just for fun. Many people lie to make themselves look better. The main reason people lie is to not get caught.

Why do people hate people that lie?

People hate people that lie because after a while they realize they can't trust them.

Is a broken promise a lie?

No, a broken promise is not a lie. We have to understand that not everything is in our hand. There are a 7 billion people out there who can screw you and your efforts in some or the other way. Maybe the promise could make or break a relation. But an unkept promise doesn't always imply that the person did not put in efforts to keep it. Probably he didn't put in enough. Probably, the circumstances were out of control and thus the damage happened. Analyse all the ifs and buts and then come to the conclusion!

Why were lie detectors made?

To detect when people lie.

Is it legal to lie about gmail age?

your not supposed to but some people just do

How mush do women lie?

Woman lie if people ask them questions that get too personal or if they just want to lie to the people they hate