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Yes! Unfortunately patients, like my husband, can have an ommaya reservoir removed after it has caused a bacterial infection which most likely led to a seizure. An infection which rendered him in a state of confusion and non responsiveness to the point of a comatose state. Thereafter, having to tolerate the anguish and waiting for him to open his eyes and him being able to recognize his family. After encountering the horrible outcomes of his inability to speak, move, stand, feed himself, coordinate his movements were excruciating. Until this date my husband struggles and is disabled. If I would have known the consequences of placing an ommaya reservoir in my husbands head I would have opted out. The worst of this whole ordeal is that my husband received his chemotherapy without the use of the ommaya, intravenously, and is doing just fine. It was not necessary, it was precautionary, a just in case he needed it! stated another doctor. So, investigate, ask lots of questions, and get more than one opinion. Beware!

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Q: Do patients have their ommaya reservoirs removed after treatment?
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What is the purpose of an Ommaya Reservoir?

The Ommaya Reservoir is a device where fluids can enter or be removed from the brain and its surrounding areas. This device is usually used to collect samples or to provide chemotherapy directly into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord and brain.

When did Ayub K. Ommaya die?

Ayub K. Ommaya died on 2008-07-11.

When was Ayub K. Ommaya born?

Ayub K. Ommaya was born on 1930-04-14.

What is the medical use for a ommaya reservoir?

An Ommaya Reservoir is a catheter that extends from the surface of the skull to an area inside the brain. It is used to deliver drugs directly to the cerebrospinal fluid. Diseases like brain tumors and leukemia are sometimes treated via an Ommaya Reservoir. The device is named after its founder, Ayub K. Ommaya.

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Yes, only metal objects cannot go into an MRI. My father invented the Ommaya reservior, he recently passed away. Alex

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The ommaya Reservoir is safe to a 1.5Tesla-strength scanner. That is the most common scanner in most facilities, though 3Tesla+ are becoming more prevalent. 4/2/2010

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