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Not if a doctor gets a court order.

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Q: Do parents have medical control over their dependent children?
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What is dependent?

Dependent means that something or someone relies on something else. Children are dependent on their parents or caregivers for example.

How long can parents have control with there children?


if children do a crime should parents do the time?

NO. although parents are responsible for their children they cant control their children's actions, they can only guide them

Do parents control children's social life?


Who is responsible for paying a child's medical bills if the parents are divorced?

That dependent on the custody order and state laws.

What is the parent's responsibility for medical bills for adult children?

Parents shouldn't be responsible for adult children.

Are parents legally responsible for children who are above age 18 in Maryland?

That is usually dependent on the crime, the child in question, and how the parents' react.

Are the children in the state of Florida responsible for a deceased parents medical bills?

No, they are not

What do you think about the suggestion that advertising (or sale) of junk food to children should be restricted?

The diet of their children should be the responsibility of the parents of the children. If parents cannot control what their children are eating, they are not being good parents.

How can parents help their children in medical emergencies?

Children take their cue on how to behave from those around them. When parents are noticeably concerned, children's anxiety levels rise. Parents should remain as calm as possible to be fully present for their children.

What rights did children have in ancient Babylon?

Children had no 'rights'. The parents had complete control over their families.

Should parents control their children while watching television?

no they should not

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