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Q: Do nrem and rem sleep alternate through most of the sleep cycle?
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What happens if you fall asleep all day?

Your sleep cycle will be messed up and you will most likely be awake through most of the night.

What stage in the sleep cycle is most likely for bed wetting?

stage 2 sleep

During what cycle of sleep does the body do most of its energy restoration?

The most restorative stage of sleep is NREM-3.In a sleep cycle you progress through the stages:Initial sleep induction: NREM-1 -> NREM-2 -> NREM-3Full sleep cycle: NREM-3 -> NREM-2 -> NREM-1 -> REM -> NREM-1 -> NREM-2 -> NREM-3.A full sleep cycle takes approximately 90 minutes, but the time you spend in each stage changes during the night. At first you spend more time in stage 3, but as your body rests it will spend more and more time in REM.

What is the medical meaning of the term sleep wake cycle?

In medical terms, the sleep wake cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm, describes an activity cycle that loops every 24 hours. Most organisms have this type of rhythm.

Should you stay in REM sleep most of the night?

No. This is normally just a brief period following stage 4 sleep, after which the sleep cycle repeats itself again.

What is obstructive sleep apnea syndrome?

the most common form of breathing-related sleep disorder, marked by episodes of blockage in the upper airway during sleep. Patients.typically alternate between periods of snoring or gasping.and periods of silence (when their airway is blocked).

What will most matter that exists in the universe go through?

Star cycle

What is the most way to sleep easily?

have a cup of tea or milk listen to soothing music. if you can...sleep in total helps the brain. create an alternate world you can place your self into. ie: Your a prince/princess to the land Tornan. It works with me and my friend! =)

How does water cycle through the boisphere?

There is no Biosphere and most of the rains evaporated precipitation is in the Troposphere.

Most of the matter that exists in the universe will go through the?

star cycle

Do cows sleep with their eyes opened or closed?

No. They close their eyes like us when they sleep.

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