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Yes, everyone's hair turns grey sooner or later.

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Q: Do natural blondes hair turn gray?
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How do you turn gray hair on beard?

Get grey hair dye or just let it turn natural grey.

Does Marcia Cross have natural red hair?

Nicole is a natural redhead, but her hair starting to turn gray in her thirties.

Can dye gray hair turn gray again?

yes it can after some time it will. Your roots will grow out and your natural hair (which is gray) will need to be coloured again.

Is gray your natural hair color?

Yes, with the advancement in age the color of hairs turn gray. The change in color from black to gray in hairs is a natural process provided you do not resort to artificial coloring of hairs.

Why black hair turn to gray?

Y our hair turn gray is when you lose pigment. Pigment is the colour inside our hair. When people get older, there bodies don't produce as much pigment as when they are young. It is natural. If you dont believe me, ask your teacher! I just learnt it today!

Why DOES gray hair turn brown again?

I just found a hair in my hairbrush that was brown from the root to 4cm down the shaft, then turned white. So it can turn back to its natural colour.

Does bleach turn gray into like a Burgundy color?

No, bleach does not turn gray hair into a burgundy color. Bleach typically lightens hair by removing its natural pigment, so it would lighten gray hair rather than change its color to burgundy. If you want a burgundy color, you would need to use a burgundy hair dye or color treatment.

How did actor kenneth tobey become a pale blonde?

Kenneth Tobey is a natural redhead, and sometimes red hair can turn white or blonde with age, the same way other hair colors turn gray.

Can red hair turn gray?


Does pubic hair turn gray with age?

Yes, it is possible for pubic hair to turn gray with age, just like hair on the scalp. This is due to a decrease in melanin production, causing the hair to lose its pigment and appear gray or white.

At what age does your hair turn gray?

This totally depends. Gray hair can occur very early in life (20's) or very late in life. Some people never turn gray, but instead have white hair. However, in this day and age, you can have whatever color you want!!

Do yorkie dogs hair turn blue gray when they are older?

yes since I have seen yorkies with blue gray hair Mine had the blue gray hair when we got him at 8mos.