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It depends on what you mean by "want."

According to surveys, most women (typically about 80%) fantasize about having sex with someone who is not their partner. If a fantasy is a wish, as some would argue, then yes. But in fact, people fantasize all the time about things they wouldn't like to do in real life. So is that "want?"

Statistics on sexual infidelity are notoriously unreliable. Recent studies have put the figure of married women cheating at anywhere from 19% to 70%. Most surveys come out just above 50%. So, if these higher surveys are right (and that is a major "if") then the majority of wives DO cuckold their husbands. But many may also regret it and not want to do it again. So, is THAT "want?"

Like so many questions about sexual desire and practices, it is a question which cannot be authoritatively answered yet.

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Q: Do most wife's want to cuckold their husbands?
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