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depending on where you are will determine if most people have straight or curly hair. For exampe, in most parts in Africa, people have curly, other parts like in Libya, people will have straight hair. Another is in the carribean, most people there have naturally wavy and curly hair just like me. I would say that in the western hemisphere, people have naturally curly hair but may straighten it. in the eastern hemisphere, people mostly have naturally curly hair. its all on your observation. hope i answered your question. :) bye

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Q: Do most people have their hair straight or curly?
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Do most people like their hair straight or curly?

Actually, this is not a health question, but I will answer it. I think aout 95% of the population like their hair straight. But since the "fashion" is changing maybe about 75% people would like 'curly' or 'wavy' hair since 'straight' hair is too 'flat'.

Is curly or straight hair better?

I like straight on some people and curly on other people. so they are both cool

What type of hair will a baby have if the father has straight hair and the mother has curly hair?

It is difficult to predict with certainty, but the baby may have a combination of straight and curly hair, or it could be straight as it is a dominant gene. Also, new genetic mutations can occur, leading to different hair textures in the baby.

What is the most common type of hair curly straight or wavy?

I see alot of people with curly hair but my friend tells me it is wavy.Can you please tell which is common between the three thanks.

Does curly hair or straight hair holds the most water?

I think curly hair can hold up better because it absorbes more and it can just do it. straight hair can't absorb as much because it will just fall out

Which is better curly hair or straight hair?

Both curly and straight hair are beautiful in their own way. It ultimately depends on personal preference and what suits your individual style and features best. Embrace and rock whatever type of hair you have with confidence.

How do you get curly hair when your hair is super straight?

You can buy curlers at most hair stores, they look a bit like straighteners, but the hair gets wrapped around them, it warms the hair and it stays curly. My hair is very straight, once my grandmother curled my hair and it looked like I had curly hair. You have to redo it every day, though.

Do guys like curly straight or wavy hair on girls the most?


Do most Hawaiian girls have straight or wavy hair?

definitely wavy! thick and curly. trust me, im hawaiian and my hair is super curly and thickkk.

Wavy hair is caused by the shared expression of a allele for curly hair and an allele for straight hair?

it depends on which allele is most dominant in the parents.

Why does Joe Jonas have straight hair and Nick and Kevin Jonas have curly hair?

actually joe has wavy hair he straightens it Kevin used to straighten his hair nick never did but their mom Denise has beautiful curly hair that's where they get them from

What does Madison Pettis do to her hair?

Her hair is naturally curly. She may add a little bit of something to help her curls stay but she doesn't use a curler or anything to create her curl. If you have naturally curly hair then it is easier to where your hair like that but if you have straight hair you might have to curl it with a roller set or a curling iron.