Do men love fat women

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Yes, I think many men do. First many men like women with curves. I do and I love large busty women and I do not mind a belly either.

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Q: Do men love fat women
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Why do women feel the cold more then men?

women have less body fat than men and they love to whine about being cold too.

Who likes fat men?

fat women..!!

Can fat men or women make love as good as normal size?

Hell Yes... and better.... It all is in the chemistry.....

Would it be generally true to say that women love men because men love women?


Do woman like fat men?

Men have individual tastes in women just like women have when it comes to men, so yes absolutely are there men loving fat women..

What percentage of men lust after fat women?

At least 20% of men prefer larger women according to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance

Is it true that Italian men love American women?

Italian men love ALL WOMEN! LOL

Why do women get bingo wings and men dont?

The distribution of fat is different in men and women. Men tend to get 'beer bellies', whereas women dont.

Why men and women?

Men and women fall in love for a variety of reasons. Falling in love is part of human nature.

Why do women love deeper than men?

Love is hardly the answer. Women do not in fact love deeper than men. In fact it has been proven that men are more romantic than women. Men fall in love easier and fall out of love slower than women. Men are more hurt by break ups than women. So, in essence your question is flawed from the beginning. How do I know? Social Psychology.

Why do gay men love men?

For the exact same reason that straight men love women.

Why are men so hateful towards fat women?

The question is based on an inaccurate premise. Not all men, by a very large margin, are hateful towards fat women.