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Well i suppose theres not really one answer to this as every guy is different. But speaking personally I prefer it when my girlfriend makes alot of noise. It shows that shes enjoying it (unless you'er good a faknig it of course). Again this will differ between men but the louder and more vocal my girlfriend is the more i enjoy it and sometimes it even speeds the process up.

answer: if women fake an orgasm sound to boost someones ego then maybe their the ones who are really insecure. the fact that they think they need to that to lift their own self esteem is really sad. in my experience i haven't heard one yell all that much; in fact its me that makes more noise,but that's fine with me as long as I'm having fun. if they feel the need to do it for ulterior motives then that's their problem.

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Q: Do men like vocal women during intercourse?
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Sounds like you are not naturally lubricated and aroused enough.

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=it depends if ur dick is curved alot or just a little bit. Women dont like curve dicks .I kno ive had experience.==it depends if ur dick is curved alot or just a little bit. Women dont like curve dicks .I kno ive had experience.=

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Men typically have higher levels of testosterone, which can lead to increased sweat production. Additionally, men tend to have more muscle mass than women, which can generate more heat during physical activity like intercourse. Individual differences in metabolism and genetics can also contribute to variations in sweat levels between men and women.

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