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they like to "play" the vagina, of course, but to get a man to have a boner they would like breasts more. To seduce the man allow him to lick and suck your breasts and finger your vagina and suck his penis to lead to sex.

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2008-04-13 17:54:08
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Q: Do men like breasts or the sight of a vagina more?
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Do women like having hairy vaginae?

It is usual that most western women maintain hairy vagina. However, non hairy vagina is more attractive sexually and from health point of view.

How do you get natural big breasts?

Large breasts are more of a genetic feature than anything else.

Why do men like to squeeze breasts?

Men like to squeee breats because ladies have them and me don't. To men they are bouncy toys and that just makes them all the more fun to squeeze :)

Is it bad to have a big clit?

No. It is like the size of your breasts. Some people are crazy about large breasts, but that is very superficial. In terms of biology, small breasts make milk for the baby just as well as large ones. Maybe a big clit is more sensitive than a small one? I would be curious to know. If someone really loves you, they will love you the way you are.

Are men more attracted to women with large breasts?

The last answer, was disgusting.{Not all men but yes they do. Men love breasts anyway. Big real breasts can be hard to find and that's what makes it better when they do get them. Also the media has made men fall in love with big breasts because of all the glamour models and how they have advertised big breasts. As a guy I can tell you that guys are attracted to many different things when it comes to women. Me, I love women with large breasts.} So I will imorove that answer. I think that the person who saw that person with large breasts stand out that makes that man want to try to sex with that person. At least that person can be like this アジア美人巨乳女の子写真 の To tell you the truth, this is a real person with big boobs{breasts]

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Do guys like girls with big breasts or little breasts?

Guys like women with big breasts, little breasts, medium breasts, and no breasts. Guys do not all share one brain, different guys like different breasts but more importantly they like the women that the breasts are attached to.

What changes happen in girls?

Their breasts get bigger and harder, they start breathing heavily, their vagina lips get puffier and they produce more discharge to help the sperm.

What changes happens in girl arosed?

Their breasts get bigger and harder, they start breathing heavily, their vagina lips get puffier and they produce more discharge to help the sperm.

How do you know you like butts or breasts more than the other?

whichever one arouses you more ;)

Why do women enjoy having their breasts touched?

Breasts are an erogenous zone, like lips and necks. There is a lot more to it than just "rubbing".

What is puberty like for girls?

Girl Puberty is complex. It includes the enlargement of breasts, white liquid secreted from the vagina, pubic hair, increased body fat, and more hormones. Girls are able to masturbate when puberty enlarges the vagina enough. This involves rubbing the vagina and inserting one or more fingers. Some girls will do this to the point of orgasm, or when fluid and mucus come out of the vagina. During puberty, girls get their period, or the time when nutrient rich blood and one egg come out of the vagina. Girls will also go through mental changes at puberty. They might have more thoughts of sex, or of boys their age. It is important to know about puberty, so I hope that this answer was helpful. Bye!

What senses do bald eagles use the most?

Sight, sight, and more sight.

Why are large breasts more attractive?

Large breasts are not more attractive to many people. There are men who prefer smaller well shaped breasts.

Do men like women with big boobs?

There are many men who like women with big breasts. But, there are those, like myself, who love flat-chested, size AA, and size A breasts the best. I love smaller ones because the big ones sag in time while the small ones do not. I do not like or want to see breasts that sag. No offense to those who have big breasts. I personally feel that the bigger they are, the more fake they are. That is the main reason why I do NOT like big breasts.

Do girls like being girls because of there breasts?

No. There is much more to it than a body part.

How do you make your breasts more muscular?

Breasts don't contain muscle. You can build the muscle under the breasts.

Is breasts breasts?

Your pregnant most likely, look on for more.

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