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Men are on average taller than women but women often have longer legs.

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Q: Do men have a longer torso than women on average?
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In average Australian men live longer than Australian women true or faulse?

Australian women usally live longer

On average how many years does a woman live more than a man?

On average, women tend to live 5 years longer than Men.

Is Michael Phelps deformed?

Deformed, I would say no but his body structure is not typical. His upper torso is much longer and lower body much shorter than a average person of his height.

Do men have longer limbs than women?

Limb length is generally a factor of the height of a person. Normal development dictates that the limb length be proportionate to height. As the average height of men is more than that of women, it can be said that men have longer limbs than women.

Who will survive life longer men or women?

The average life expectancy in the United States is 78.4 years. Women tend to live 6.7 years longer than men.

Do women have a shorter life expectancy than men?

Not exactly. some single women live longer than married ons but some don't. it is a stereo-type to say that one can live longer than the other. it just depends on the womens health and mother nature.

Why do women last longer sexualy than men?

Not all women last longer than men. And it depends what you mean by "last longer".

How long can the average Chinese man and woman expect to live?

Longer than the old times. Usually over 70. Women , longer. There is no war anyway. The American men and women in Iraq, can live that long?

On average do Australian men live longer than Australian women?

Women Live Longerbecause the cells In men bodies are not genetically programmed to last as long as they are in females.

Why do venezuelan women live longer than venezuelan men?

Actually, women in most places live longer than men. Why? It is simply biology.

On average do men or women live to be older?

The figures for life expectancy for men and women differ depending on which country and during which year statistics are taken. However, it is generally accepted that in modern times, women live longer than men on average.

How old should an average American live to be?

The current longevity statistics is mid-80s with women living longer than men.