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maybe. If they see a lot of that stuff on tv, and if they have the wrong friends that have the potential of becoming a gang or being assosiated with gang violence, then yes.

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Q: Do kids get into gang violence because of what they see on tv?
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What can a woman do if she witnesses gang violence?

The main thing she can do is call the police and to make sure that they did not see her for her safety.

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not to get anyone mad, but if its an army game, then yes, because kids need to see REAl life, not a fantasy. :) Cheers

Is television one of the major causes of violence in children?

This is a subject that scholars and critics have been debating for decades. There is some research that indicates TV violence can be a factor in how kids perceive the world: George Gerbner, a famous media researcher, came up with "Cultivation Theory," which says that the more violence kids watch, the more they come to see it as normal, and further, the more they start to think the world is a violent and dangerous place-- this is known as the "Mean World Syndrome." People who want to blame TV violence for problems in society are probably overstating their case, however. While TV violence can certainly be ONE influence, it is not the only influence-- kids and young adults are also influenced by parents, peers, schools, religion, and other factors. That said, there is ample evidence that parents do need to monitor what their kids are watching, since kids are very impressionable and may think violence is entertaining unless someone explains to them that it is not.

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