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Unless of course you have no choice. Sometimes that is the case

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Q: Do i have to take lipitor tablets if i dont want to?
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Can you take the medicine instead of lipitor and have the same effect?

Unless you tell the NAME of the medicine you want to take instead of Lipitor, no one can answer your question.

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Can I take Lipitor and St John's Wort?

There IS an interaction between lipitor and St John's Wort. St John's Wort can increase the effect of lipitor, including increasing the risk of side effects of lipitor (liver upset, muscle pain).However, if you REALLY need to take these two together, speak to your pharmacist or doctor. You may be able to take them together DEPENDING on what dose of lipitor you're taking.Bottom line: stop taking St John's Wort if it's not necessary. If you want something for depression, there are other medications available that won't interact with lipitor.elementFontfont-familyfont-sizefont-stylefont-variantfont-weightletter-spacingline-heighttext-decorationtext-aligntext-indenttext-transformwhite-spaceword-spacingcolorBackgroundbg-attachmentbg-colorbg-imagebg-positionbg-repeatBoxwidthheightborder-topborder-rightborder-bottomborder-leftmarginpaddingmax-heightmin-heightmax-widthmin-widthoutline-coloroutline-styleoutline-widthPositioningpositiontopbottomrightleftfloatdisplayclearz-indexListlist-style-imagelist-style-typelist-style-positionTablevertical-alignborder-collapseborder-spacingcaption-sideempty-cellstable-layoutEffectstext-shadow-webkit-box-shadowborder-radiusOtheroverflowcursorvisibility I think St. John Wort will reduce the effect of Lipitor if you have heart problem.

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