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No it doeS not have a bad smell

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Q: Do hymen seal blood has a bad smell?
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Is blood have any smell?

Yes it does it has a salty rusty smell but it doesn't have a bad smell until its expires

Why do bad things happen when sharks smell blood?

Sharks smell blood so they go after it and because of mucky water or not clear water and/or because the bad sight sharks have,they attack what is in the area of blood

Is it bad to rip a female's hymen?

it depends how you do it.

What is the cause of a bad foul smell from the bathroom sink?

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Why after changing toilets do you smell sewer fumes?

you most likely hve a bad seal at the wax ring.You did replace it when you replaced they toilet diden,t you?

How does arterial blood differ form capillary blood?

capillary blood has a really bad smell to it and arerial blood its bright red and is a heavy flow > hope i helped lol (:

When you have a miscarriage does it smell bad?

it only smells bad if you have a yeast infection....go see your dr.

Does Albania smell bad?

No Albania does not smell bad !!

Is it bad not to have a hymen?

Not at all. Most of the time it's not a choice you make. Some are born without ones and often it breaks by itself. The hymen is a remnant from when you were in the womb and the vaginal canal was supposed to be closed. It faded as you were closer to birth and as you were born it has no purpose.

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You smell bad because of you sweting.

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No Anoles do not smell bad and I would say they dont even have a smell!.

Why the bad smell when a boy is urinating?

There is a bad smell when everyone urinates :-(