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Only if they are polite, considerate and thoughtful.

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Q: Do hispanic women like white men?
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Why do Spanish guys like white women?

Firstly, that question is moderately offensive as many Spanish men like Spanish women. Secondly, Spaniards are White, therefore there should be no issue. If you are referring to Hispanics, you clearly have not seen enough of the Hispanic population since the majority of Hispanic Men end up marrying and living with Hispanic Women.

Why Do Black men like Hispanic women?

You are racist

Do white men prefer Hispanic women?

Sometimes I think they choose to date Hispanic women if they appeal to them. Some think that white women are too uptight and dramatic (even though not all white women are like that). Obviously, white men pick hispanic women because of their beautiful looks, but they also pick them because their are very family oriented. They always stand by their husband, son, daughter, or any other family member no matter how hard things get if they know they can fix their problems.

Why do white women love Hispanic Men?

I dont know, it all depends on who the woman is.

Do hispanic women like Asian men?

Woman and men all over the world are different. One can not say that hispanic women like Asian men. One can equally not say that hispanic women dislike Asian men. If a woman enjoy being in your company then that has got more to do with your personality than your colour or twist of eyes.

Hispanic men treat women badly?

No they dont

Do Nigerian men like white women?

some do

Do Mexican women like white men?

Yes, they do.

Do white women like black men?

Some do. Some don't.Most black men end up marrying black women. 97% prefer their own.Black men love to experiment but never with the intention of marriage.

What negative reasons draw Black men to White women?

Black men like fat white women

Is there any black women who like white men?


Why do white men love African ladies more?

That's not true. its Black men like white women