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Yes, infact Head lice do fight each other. As with many species Head Lice or "Pediculosis capitis" adapt a heirachy system and the alpha Lice becomes the predominant leader of ones community, breeding rights are reserved for the dominant male and the position is often contested. Head Lice have developed over there existantce a unique fighting style. The style nick named "Death Fingers" originated high in the mountains of Barvaria and consists of two opponents, a mix of wit and brawn decisive finger movements are preformed to ultimatley paralyze the opponent. The fight is to the death in most occasions.

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No, not at all. They cannot jump only crawl and that has been an unknown fact for some time. Even my doctor thought it was true but it is not. Lice go from head to head by head to head contact and one louse can crawl onto another strand of hair rather quickly

Let's clear that point up a bit. It is correct that lice do not jump, a fact that has been known to entomologists and anyone else who bothered to examine lice properly, for centuries at least, more likely for thousands of years.

It certainly is true that head-to-head contact permits head lice to spread from one person to another. However, they can spread in other ways as well. For example, they lay their eggs (called nits) on hairs, and any hair with a nit stuck onto it can infect another person if it drops out or they share a comb that pulls out a hair with nits on it, or they sleep in the same bed and the lice crawl about.

You did not ask about treating louse infestations. My main advice is to ask either your doctor or pharmacist or even your vet; whatever you do, do not use the dangerous and idiotic ideas that unqualified people come up with, such as petroleum jelly, kerosene, creams; I have even heard of those who tried to smother the lice by wearing bathing caps at night!

In case you simply cannot get to a doctor or a vet, you can safely use almost any pet shampoo that is recommended for fleas, ticks, or lice of any sort. It is a lot safer, pleasanter, and more effective than those home remedies, some of which have led to people burning to death, or losing skin or hurting their eyes, and generally still not killing all the lice.

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Yes, in fact, they can spread anywhere. But they can't stay alive off the human scalp for long, so they would'nt survive.

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Q: Do head lice fight each other?
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How was head lice formed?

head lice was formed by other people if you link head together and if you do not wash your hair daily other wise you get dandruff

Do head lice feed on dogs cats and other animals?

None of the 3 species of human lice (head, pubic, clothing) survive well on other species. Dogs, cats, and other mammalian species each have 1 species of lice that feed on them and these lice do not survives well on other mammals. Lice are very highly specialized for the one species of host they live on. Humans are the only mammalian species that carries more than 1 species of lice.

Can you get pubic lice if you're a virgin?

Head lice can "get into" just about anywhere on your body, but they are not likely to stay anywhere other than your head. Hence the name head lice.

How far can lice jump?

It is a common misconception that lice jump. However, lice do not jump, they travel from head to head by sharing hats, pillows, brushes and other hair items.

How do catch hair lice?

You get head lice by putting your head by someone who already has head lice

What does lice eat?

Head lice eat blood from attaching themselves to someone's head. Each only needs a small amount of blood to survive though.

Do kids in Head Start have more lice?

I taught Head Start for a few years and they had no more lice than any other children.

What is the plural of head lice?

Head lice is actually already the plural form. The singular is head louse.

Are head lice and hair lice the same thing?

Not exactly. Lice only like extra clean heads, while fleas aren't as picky as to hygiene and part of body. They are both parasites.

Can you get head lice from chips?

No. You cant get head lice from chips.

Can a hamster get head lice?

No only humans get Head Lice

Can hamsters get head lice from a human?

If Hamsters somehow happen to get Head Lice the Lice will not live