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I really think so because they might be too shy to show that they care in any other way... but with this question I'll leave it to a boy to tell the most accurate answers...! yeah they do when they find no other way to speak to u r want to be friends they do kind of things. sometimes they call ur names to show that they care about us.

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If he is doing it for fun, No. Some guys play it hard to get. It all depends on how he is being "mean" to you. Like, if he is calling you names, he is probably trying to get on your nerves (for fun) or he likes you but he is trying to hide the fact that he likes you. If a guy doesn't like you, he wouldn't just pick on you for no reason. It all depends.

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Q: Do guys show that they care when they call you names like is that there way of showing that they care about you?
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