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It really depends on your personality. You can spend your whole life looking for someone perfect, and never find them. You maybe the most kind, warm hearted, funny and smiley person, who obviously have better things to do in their life than look in the mirror! No one is perfect and you should never judge a book by its cover.

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Not at all, many prefer that.

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Q: Do guys mind girls with chubby bellies?
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How is girls thinking different form a guys?

Girls have more of a dreamy mind while boys have a sporty mind.

Do guys mind if girls have like an outline of a six pack?

yes. the girls would be too strong for them.

Is a guys life harder than a girls?

no, guys don't have to do anything girls get periods pregnant, have to give birth, and clean the house, mind the kids. do everything.

Do guys mind girls that are flirty?


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Absolutely. I don't think girls appreciate being called a fire-crotch. Why are you looking at that part of a girl anyways??

Do guys like opinionated girls?

Some guys appreciate girls who are opinionated because it shows they are confident and independent. However, others may find it intimidating or off-putting. It ultimately depends on personal preferences and compatibility.

If you're chubby and the boy you love is chubby will he like you and not call you fat?

A boy will never call you fat if he loves you. If he is chubby himself, it's also less likely that he will mind you being chubby.

Is it really true that guys think that girls in school uniform are hot?

Some guys think that. Bear in mind that not everybody has the same sexual appetites.

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Hormones and how many girls are out there! =)

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anything is possible if you put your mind to it.