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they make up rumors if they are nervous about dating you

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Q: Do guys make up rumors about girls that they like and talk about them in a bad way?
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Why do girls make up rumors about other girls?

Guys like to see the drama so they feed off the rumors that people spread. Nobody ever thinks they did it but they really do do it.

Do guys like when girls make out with another girl?

Most guys do

Do girls like fatty black guys?

Girls like nice guys so if you are nice it doesn't make much difference on the outside.

Why do girls dress like guys to make other girls like them?

Its an attraction thing. If girls look like guys, then the other girl may be more attracted sexually to the first girl.

Do guys like girls who make the first move?


Why do girls make up guys?

Girls make up guys so they can fit in with the 'popular' girls or to make other guys jellous.

Do guys like girls to make the first move?

Many guys do like girls to make the first move. They at least like the girl to give them clues that she likes them. You can do this by smiling, or striking up a conversation.

Do all guys like girls who play hard to get?

no im a guy and i hate it when girls play hard to get it makes guys feel like there unloved but that's the fun of it! girls love to make guys feel unloved

Do popular guys flirt with girls to make fun of them?

no that means they like you but if their friends come they act like it to make fun of you because its kinnda funny inside guys like unpopular girls cause their the pretty ones and popular girls are usually ugly but ya he does like you

What do girls do to make guys like them?

Some girls show off what they have like butt and boobs but its dumb but alot of boys like it

Why do guys make fun of my legs and girls think i have good looking legs to be a guy?

If guys make fun of your good looking legs they are probably jealous that the girls like them.

Do guys like watching two girls make out?

they dont like it because they will think the girls are bisexuals and will not want to love them