Do guys like weird girls

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, some do.

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Q: Do guys like weird girls
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Do guys like girls who dress weird?

noo but they do like fat girls

Why are guys weird around the girls they like?

they are shy

Why do guys like it when girls wear yoga pants?

Guys like dirty things. I guess they just like looking at the girls bodies. :) Weird, but the truth. :P

Is it weird for a girl to get hot when another girl teases them?

it really all depends on if you like it or not..if you like girls then no it shouldn't be weird..but if you like guys..then it might be JUST a little weird...its all on your intake of how you feel around girls..

Why do girls and guys touch weird places?

I think because they like each other or they are sexic

Why do girls always flock towards blond guys but guys don't always flock towards blond girls?

Boys and Girls don't go for the blond guys or the blond girls. I don't think blond guys are cuter then brown haired boys. Maybe at your school all of the brown haired guys are cuter or something I don't know. I think that's kind of weird. ahh at my school it's kinda opposite. All the guys like blond girls, and girls don't like blond guys. It's weird...

How do girls feel about dating younger guys?

very weird!

Why are girls not weird?

Because we are more mature than guys are.

Why girls act weird with guys?

Cuz they want it. Bad.

Why do college girls bully other people more than college guys?

They are weird girls

How do the weird looking guys get hot chicks?

Probably because they don't know they are weird looking guys and have no problem with talking to them. Women are not all the same puzzle. :) ....................................................................................... because its not all about looks. and with that hot guys hot girls atitude no girls will want to have you.

Why do guys like smelling girls underwear yeah that's a weird question but seriously why?

because they like that girl but they cannot get her so that's why they would do that