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Guys love obvious hints. The best way to let them know is just to talk to them or one of their close friends about it. I go crazy when I have to guess if a girl likes me.

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Q: Do guys like subtle or obvious hints that you like them Also how do they want you to tell them that you like them?
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How do you tell a guy you're interested in him and you want to get to know them better and start talking?

just say it. you need to be straight-forward with guys. they don't get subtle hints. AT ALL!

When do you know that a girl is ready for sex?

It depends on the woman or girl; A human female with little to know experience with men, or a man, does not understand that men do not understand subtle signals. A girl or young woman who is still a virgin, will send subtle flirtatious hints that she wants to have sex, however, a young woman who has experience with guys, will simply peel off her clothes. When a woman or girl wants to have sex, if she has done it before, she will simply peel off her clothes; there won't be "subtle signals" of any kind. The first signal, and they will make it obvious, is a willingness to be alone with you, the taking off of the clothes is the second one. If a girl is unwilling to spend time alone with you, then she doesn't want it. If you are teenager asking if a girl is ready for "third base" she will tell you straight; odds are she will learn from her friends, or an older sister with experience with guys, that men and guys do not understand subtle hints, and that they need to be obvious, so, she will make it plain and clear. Non-sociopath girls, make their intentions clear, they don't tease, dance around, or play games. Consider how "tease" type girls behave; they do many things but they NEVER say "I want to have sex." If a girl wants it, she will say it, and she will make it obvious. Remember that. [[User:|]]stardingo747

What color do you get when you mix green with white?

light green Guys!!! How obvious light green Guys!!! How obvious

What is the best way to tell your boyfriend you are pregnant?

Talk to him quietly in private, face to face. Ask him around for a coffee or such thing with a note that you have something important to tell him. Speak plainly and try to avoid subtle hints; guys will just refuse to acknowledge them for what they indicate.

What kind of hints do guys give when they like a girl?

say how much they hate you

Why is he going out with her not you?

Most likely because he prefers her company to yours. It is also possible that he is trying to make you jealous, but don't count on it. Most guys aren't that subtle.

What happens when you don't get a phone call on your birthday from your best guy friend?

I wouldn't read too much into it as guys are just not good for remembering things. Give him subtle hints when your around him and when he realizes he will be sorry and then laugh about it and tell him its ok - this is not something to get bent out of shape about. It was likely a harmless forgetting.

How do girls get guys to like them?

i think its kinda obvious...

How do guys ask other guys out?

Depends on whether he is an out-of-the-closet gay or not. If he's out of the closet, I suggest a 'So what are you doing at the weekend' approach. If he isn't, drop little hints that you like him. If he hints back, go for it, if not... Then you're best suited to someone else.

What are best strategies to get your ex girlfriends attention in order to win her back and not look desperate?

Honestly, If you are looking for a serious relationship - the best way to get her back is by looking desperate. well, not really desperate because that can just be creepy but you have to either drop some really obvious hints e.g. when talking bring up things like 'do you remember when we . . . .'. This will get her thinking about when you were together and she will think about how happy she was because you've reminded her. Or you need to just tell her, say that you think you guys need to give it a go again because you were happy together and its not fair to the world to let an opportunity like us slip by. If your not looking for something serious either leave it, I mean you've already been there or drop flirty hints. Like, 'your hair looks nice today' etc. Remember, you don't want to be subtle. If your subtle she'll never get it! Good luck!

Guy said he likes you and you said you liked him too It's been 2 months he feels the same way but hasn't asked you out Why?

2 months is a long time in a relationship, and many things can change. You two may be stuck in the "friend zone" which is VERY BAD. He may also be one of the shyer guys making it harder for him to make a move. Give him some encourgement - Drop subtle hints (or not so subtle...depending on how confident you are), flirt, and let him know that you want him to take the relationship to the next level. If he really does like you he will ask you out, just be patient.

How do you drop hints to older guys that you like them?

How much older? How old are you?,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pretty much just act like you like them, they will get the point. Just be yourself and you will automatically drop hints without knowing it.