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well ofcourse they do, do u dream about the guy u fancy?

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Q: Do guys dream about the girl that they fancy ever?
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Are you still counted as a lesbian if you only fancy girls that are tomboys or boyish?

If you're a girl and you only like girls, then yes, you are considered a lesbian. If you're a girl who likes guys and which ever type of girls, then you are bisexual.

How can you make a lady who doesn't love fall in love with you?

be the sweetest funniest thing any girl can ever dream of. girls love funny, and sensitive guys

Do guys who fancy themselves have time to fancy a girl?

It depends on wot type of boy they are if they have the latest fashion and dont talk to girls then no then u shud no the other bit

When you guys are lookin at a girl that you fancy what are you most likely thinkin?

hi would you like to hang out or go on a date

Why do guys say they don't like a girl when they do?

because when you fancy a girl they might like you but you don't want to feel embarrassed of them and infront of every body

Do guys like dresses or jeans ona girl better?

jeans they dont like girls to fancy but not to sloppy haha

What if your boyfriend dream that he was talking to another girl then you fought him and he felt bad?

well, first apologize for getting mad and then talk about it with him so you guys can figure out if that dream is somehow related to a problem you guys may have.

Is there ever going to be a sequel of mean girls?

no there will never be a sequel of girl or guys

Why can't guys ever tell how much a girl loves him?

Because the girl does not know how much you love her Answer Guys focus on actual words and actions; many are not that good at intuiting what the girl feels.

Why are girls addicted too much to guys?

Girls are not addicted to guys. They may just act like it. I am an expert, knowing I had a soap opera incident with my dream girl.

Will a girl ever get asked out if guys only ask her out because they were dared to ask her out?


Is playful hitting flirting?

It can be, if a girl does it to a guy. Guys, dont EVER do that to a girl. They will smck you. but if you are a guy asking this, yes. only delivered by a girl.