Do grades in 8th grade matter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not really. They don't start mattering for colleges and graduation and stuff until high school.

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Q: Do grades in 8th grade matter?
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Does it matter about what grades you get in elementary school?

Yes because I'm in 8th grade and the grades in elementary have gotten me to pre-ap now

What classes do i need to pass to pass 8th grade?

The required grades to pass the 8th grade include 70 percent in language arts and math.

Why do kids think that grades dont matter?

Because grade dont matter.(in my oppinion)

Hey im in 7th grade right now and my grades are slipping what type of grades do you need o be a dental assistant or does it not matter?

Hello! You are in seventh grade! grades dont matter till ninth:) check another website.

What grades are offered in elementary schools?

Depending on the state and school, elementary schools will vary in grades. Some elementary schools run from kindergarten all the way to 8th grade. Others will run from kindergarten to 5th grade, making 6th to 8th grade a middle school.

Does your grade in seventh grade matter?

yes, highschool look at your grades from jh, and college depends on where you go to school.

What is the content level for Harry Potter books?

The grades are about 6th-8th grade, but not by all means.

Can you skip from preschool to 8th grade?

Skipping from preschool to eighth grade is not feasible. There is simply too much that is learned between those grades.

Do they look at your 7th or 8th grade grades?

If by THEY you mean people that are looking at your past records for college, then yes.

What grade in school do they study the Lewis and Clark Trail?

In Calif. we study them in 5th, 8th, and 10th grades.

Would 2009 eighth graders graduate in 2011?

* Unless you skip two grades, 8th graders will gradate in 2013, that are in 8th grade in 2009

Is 6th 7th and or 8th grades supposed to be elementary middle school or jr high?

Sixth grade is intermediate grade and 7-8th are middle school. The 9th gradeis high school Freshman.