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yes that gives a great feel of excitement and makes sex more nice.Its good to moan and that will lead to a good sex.

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Q: Do girls love to moan when they are having intercourse?
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Why do girls moan when you have sexual intercourse?

it feels good to them

Why a women moan?

A person or an animal commonly moans as an expression of its feelings or physical or psychological condition. People or animals moan if they are in pain, struggle or work hard on something, when having intercourse or sports and many other activities.

Why do girls moan when they are making love?

Because they are lesbians and are not worried about v.d. diseases or unplanned pregnancies.

Is it normal not to moan?

Yes, it is normal for some people not to moan during sexual activity. Moaning is not a universal response to pleasure, and people express their enjoyment in different ways. It is important to communicate with your partner about what feels good and pleasurable for both of you.

How do you pronounce hormones?

Hawr-mohn It sounds like Hor=Whore Mone=Moan(like male or females moan during sexual intercourse)

Why do girls moan when guys kiss their necks?

Because its a HUGE turn on for them. Their neck is a very sensitive spot(as for the earlobes) and they love being kissed there.

Is it normal to moan during sexual intercourse?

Yes. Moaning is usually a sign of pleasure and orgasm :)

What are sex sound?

When you are having sex and you can help but moan and scream, those are sex noises.

Why do guys like the noises girls make during sex?

alot of girls make noise because they are enjoying it. if you hurt yourself and it is an intense pain, you may notice you moan, because its a very big pain, sex is kinda the same, if you dont moan, cant be that good, the more girls moan, the better it is. boys love making girls feel good in the bedroom, so in conclusion, more girl moans, means the guy is doing a good job, and they like that :P hope this helps ^_^ -kat x

Do girls like it when you suckon there vagina?

it pretty much depends on the girl but personally i don't like it when they suck but i do love it when they lick and flicker their tongue all over my clit it feels super good and especially when they put their tongue in side like they are having intercourse in and out very good.but like i said it all depends on the girl and if the guy knows what he is doing. you can tell if they like it if they moan and start grinding on your tongue or mouth.listen to their body and sounds.

What is a guy saposed to say during sex?

Most people don't converse during intercourse. both sexes usually moan.

Do guys like when girls moan?

My boyfriend says he likes it when I moan.. Kinda make him even more horny and he feels that he's done a great job "serving" me.. Hee