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yeah it depends of where and which finger you do it on.

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Q: Do finger pricks hurt more than shot?
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Does it hurt more if the paintball pops or if it doesnt pop?

IT depends on where you get shot, if you get shot in the back of the head it hurts a lot more when it doesn't break, but if your get shot in the foot it doesn't hurt at all.

Do hepatitist shot's hurt?

For me, they did not hurt.

Do cartilage piercings hurt more than a tetanus shot or a finger prick?

Depends. I got my cartilage pierced with a gun and was like being stapled. The hole closed and I redid it myself with a piercing needle. The piercing needle was 20 guage and did not hurt as much. Hard to compare to finger pricks as the nerves feel differentally in both parts of the body. (When self piercing, one side bled a lot but did not hurt. The other side did not bleed but hurt a lot more. It wasnt so much the sticking the needle through the skin as it was pushing the needle through the cartilage, even using a foam backing to aid the procedure. Anyways, they both healed well.)

Does a needle shot hurt without it numb?

Not to bad. It depends really what type of shot it is. If it is a tetnous shot, it hurts a little bit more, but you don't need to worry... it isn't too bad! (;

When did Kobe Bryant break his finger?

Dec. 19, 2009 when the lakers won their 11th straight game against the Timberwolves. he hurt his finger but later came back into the game and went 4-11 which one of those was a left handed hook shot from 17 ft.

What shot is wilt famous for?

He is famous for the finger roll.

Will a shotgun hurt?

If shot by it. Yes

Where do they inject the Tdap booster shot?

I usually get mine in the bottom but they can also be given in the arm, although they hurt more there.

Does it hurt when the dentist have to do the num shot?

no, it will only hurt if you want it to, dont think about it.

Will getting your tdap shot hurt?

no loosen your arm shots dont hurt

What happens if you get shot in your finger?

If you're referring to a gunshot, I don't know that it's possible to get shot "in your finger" as the smallest calibur weapon might still take your finger off (or at least a good chunk of it) depending on what kind of bullet was loaded.

Name something you tell someone is going to hurt you more than Them?

Spanking Breaking Up Shot Loss of Privileges