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Yes! if you don't have the right eye prescription in your glasses.


According to the National Institutes of Health (see link below),

the use of glasses or contact lenses does not affect the normal progression of myopia.

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No. This is a very popular myth regarding the use of eye glasses and other optical correction devices. It is harmful for the eyes if a person's eyesight is weak and they do not wear glasses.

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Continually wearing glasses may cause the muscles in your eyes to weaken, making your vision worse.

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yes it does as you get older like at age 12 if you start to ware them then at age 40 it would be so bad you might want to get that stuff they do with your eye to make it better

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Q: Do eye glasses decrease your natural vision over time?
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Can not wearing your eyeglasses hinder your vision over a period of time?

If you don't wear glasses when you need them then yes, it can hinder your vision.

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Night vision optics are pervasive all over the world. The infrared glasses are available in stores all over the nation.

Can you buy over the counter distance vision glasses?

Unfortunately no. The only over the counter glasses you can buy are for reading. You would have to go to an optical shop or buy glasses on line for distance.

Why do glasses destroy your vision when you sleep while wearing them?

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What is used to treat presbyopia?

A person diagnosed with presbyopia may need bifocals or reading glasses to read print that appears too small. These lenses may need to be changed as vision changes over the years.

How do you get rid of your blurry vision in one eye?

Well the common sense thing to do would be to... GET GLASSES

Will lasik work if I need glasses for near-sightedness and reading?

From this question, it seems that you are probably over 40 years old and you are currently in bifocals for near vision with nearsighted correction for distance on the top part of your glasses. We see many patients with this situation and LASIK can work for you, and here is how.First of all, the LASIK can correct the vision for the distance vision assuming that you are otherwise a candidate for this procedure. It can correct fairly large amounts of nearsightedness as well as astigmatism. This solves your distance vision issue, but not the near vision.For near vision you would have a choice of either getting some "over the counter" type reading glasses, or you could have one eye purposely undercorrected for monovision. In monovision one eye is focused for distance whereas the other for near. Many have worn contact lenses with this configuration successfully and it works for a lot of people with LASIK but a word of caution.Not everyone like monovision. It can reduce the depth perception, and for people who critically need sharp distance vision may not be ideal. You should try this with simulation by contact lenses or glasses before making this a permanent change. The other option is to have what is known as modified monovision, and here the one eye is left less nearsighted which makes this an easier transition. The downside is that you would still need some glasses for reading smaller print. Your doctor can review these different options with you and help you to pick out which if any type of monovision would work for you.We see many patients over the age of 40 who are extremely happy with their LASIK correction. Many do not mind reading glasses alone, and some are pleased with monovision. It really depends on how nearsighted you are to begin with. In general if you are very dependent on glasses, you will appreciate this, but if you can take your glasses off and read well, you might not be a good candidate.

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