Do diuretics cause fatigue

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Some people feel unusually tired when they first start taking diuretics

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Q: Do diuretics cause fatigue
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Can diuretics cause low sodium levels?


Which organelle would cause fatigue?

The organelle that would cause fatigue is called the mitochondria. However, it will only cause fatigue if there's a defect in it.

Can fatigue cause A fever?

No, but fever can cause fatigue. Fevers are caused by infections.

Can a tight jaw cause fatigue?

Tension held in the jaw can cause fatigue. Holding tension in any muscle group can cause fatigue. Holding your jaw tight can also cause neck pain and headaches.

What can be the cause for veering off the roadway?

Fatigue,excessive speed and distracrion

What is the cause of small red dots on skin nausea and fatigue?

There are many things that can cause small red dots and nausea and fatigue. The infection cellulitis can cause nausea, fatigue, and skin rashes.

Does Chronic fatigue syndrome cause fatigue?

One recent study concluded that depression was the result of CFS and was not its cause

You have frequent urination after stopping diuretics what can be the cause?

frequent urination after stopping hydrochlorithiazide

Can rapid weight loss cause adrenal fatigue?

Yes, rapid weight loss can cause adrenal fatigue. It can be extremely dangerous.

Can chlamydia cause fatigue?

Chlamydia may cause fatigue, particularly if the infection is causing pelvic inflammatory disease or other complications.

Does vasculitic neuropathy cause fatigue?

Some patients with vasculitic neuropathy will experience fatigue

A defect in which organelle would cause fatigue?

A defect in the mitochondria would cause fatigue, as it is the organelle responsible for energy production within a cell.