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I'm aware of one clinical study that tested this, and the conclusion was a very guarded "yes" ... in some (though not all) cases, drinking a gallon of various "detox" drinks, such as herbal tea, could reduce the drug metabolite concentration and cause a false negative (note: the study was specifically looking at marijuana and cocaine, but the principle is the same).

Before you start stocking up on the detox drinks, though, the study also found that plain water was nearly as effective as the tea. It's also a fine line you're walking; you have to drink enough (of whatever) to dilute the metabolites that shouldn't be there, but not so much that you bring the things that SHOULD be there, like urea and creatinine, down below their normal ranges, or the lab doing the test will suspect that you've adulterated the sample.

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Q: Do detox drinks work to pass a oxycodone urine test?
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How long do you need to pass a lab test if you take methamphetamine?

you should be able to pass a urine test or swab test in 4-5 days with no efforts of detox. If you need to pass in less time there are detox methods and methods to "disguise" recent use, such as detox drinks, pills, synthetic urine, mouthwashes, etc.

What pills can you take to pass a urine test?

You look for "detox" drinks, they don't detox your system , they mask drug in your urine for 3-4 hours after tacking it. Check at some local GNS, head shop, online . Many don't work well or they are detectable by laboratory test but several detox drinks have a good reputation

Can you pass a urine drug test for oxycodone if you used cocaine on Friday and were tested on Sunday?

It is not likely that you'll pass.

Will champs detox work to pass a urine test?

Its worked for me a few times yes

Do detox drinks work for a saliva drug test?

Saliva is the first place THC disappears from. You may not need a drink. Depending on your usage, you may just have to stay clean for three days, take the test, and then continue to toke up. As far as I know, detox drinks don't work on saliva tests.

Can you pass a blood test 2 weeks after using detox for cocaine?

yeah. shouldnt have taken it.

Will opana pass a urine test screening for oxycodone?

opana is a synthetic opiate completely different than oxycodone and will not show up. I know from the experience of being urine tested right after taking opana and nothing showed up.

How could you pass a drug test fr oxycodone?

wait three to five days to take a urine test

How can you pass a urine test if you smoked marijuana 7 hours ago?

......... JJ NOTE: DETOX drinks or pills ,don't actually detox they ''mask''. The way it will work is take it 2-3 hours before you test and works for 4 to 6 hours after taking it. But many don't work and there is no absolutely 100% effective method.

Can you pass a drug urine test after using crack by drinking Jazz Total Detox?

No, the drug is in your hair and fat cells.

If I drink detox drinks an I smoked a couple blunts of marijuana over the weekend how fast will I be clean to pass a drug screening test?

Make sure to follow the directions EXACTLY. The main thing is to flush out your system before the test. Take a B-12 to put color back in your urine if needed. Admit to taking vitamins daily since your urine will be bright yellow.

Does Jet Detox pass drug test for opiates?

Detox drinks don't actually work. Even the ones that do work to fool simple tests, give themselves away on more complex tests.