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Q: Do dandelions affect the health of your lawn?
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Can dandelions be found on a lawn?

yes, they can be found in your lawn.

Are there more dandelions and white clover in the lawn or in a tall grass prarie?

In the lawn. The grasses are too tall for plants like dandelions and clover to grow in a tall-grass prairie.

What is the simple subject and simple predicate in the sentence Millions of dandelions covered the lawn?

Simple Subject = dandelions (Subject) Simple Predicate = covered the lawn (Verb + Direct Object with no Prepositional Phrases)

Dandelions seem to be taking over your lawn?

it is called dominant species

Scotts Lawn Service?

form_title= Scotts Lawn Service form_header= Keep your lawn looking beautiful with help from the pros! Have you used Scotts Lawn Service in the past?*= () Yes () No Do you have dandelions growing on your lawn?*= () Yes () No What type of service do you need?*= _ [50]

What are the results of putting sugar on the lawn?

It gets rid of weeds and dandelions. I have only used it once and it works.

Which lawn treatment is going to help reduce crab grass and dandelions?

Using Ortho's Weed-B-Gone lawn treatment will help prevent and reduce crabgrass and weeds, and make your lawn healthier.

How does too much lawn fertilizer affect your lawn?

Excess lawn fertilizer can lead to nutrient imbalance, which can harm your lawn by causing excessive growth, potential burning of grass, shallow root development, and runoff into water sources leading to pollution. It can also create conditions for pests and diseases to thrive, impacting the overall health of your lawn.

Which brand of lawn fertilizer works best at keeping dandelions away?

Powdered corn gluten meal pre-emergent is the best dandelion control method. It comes in a powder and you spead on your lawn and no dandelion will spring up in the spring.

How does lawn bowls improve your physical health?

It doesn't

What services does Scotts Lawn Service offer?

Scotts Lawn Service offers services pertaining to the health of your lawn. They can determine how to make it healthier, greener, and fuller. They are not a lawn mowing service.

What is the sentence of the dandelions?