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According to Herbalpedia - The common cranberry is one of nature's best weapons against cystitis and urinary tract infections. For years, doctors have routinely advised patients to drink cranberry juice to prevent urinary infections. It is cited as an effective remedy for this problem in the U.S. Pharmacopeia. At one time, scientists believed that cranberry acidified the urine, and in the process, killed invading bacteria that could cause infection. However, studies now suggest that cranberry prevents bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder, thus flushing the potential troublemakers out of the body before they can do their damage.

One of the properties of cranberry pills is to act as a diuretic.

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Q: Do cranberry pills act as a diuretic?
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Why does cranberry make you pee?

Cranberry is a natural diuretic! (makes you pee)

Does Cranberry pills work for pills?

Cranberry pills help in Urinary Tract Infection prevention. It is not a birth control method.

Will cranberry pills clean your system in 8 hours?

No. Neither cranberry juice nor cranberry pills nor cranberry anything else will clean any kind of illegal drug from your system.

Do cranberry pills cause nausea?

no No

What does cranberry do to your system?

The effects of cranberry pills in the digestive system are said to be therapeutic. Cranberry pills eliminates any infections of the urinary tract and maintains a healthy digestive system.

Can cranberry fruit pills keep you clean?


Do cranberry pills clean marijuana from urine?

Cranberry pills and juice can help to detox the body. While detoxing you can take the pills three times a day along with the juice in place of meals. You are not supposed to eat anything solid while you are doing this. Once done with the detox, slowly start eating solid foods. Start with fresh fruit or veggies.

Do 1680 mg triple strength cranberry pills help clean your system?

the triple strength cranberry fruit pills that are 2000 mg work better

Can you pass a urine drug test for THC with diuretic pills?

yes i can

Do you have cranberry pills?

You can obtain tablets of cranberry nutrients at most drug stores or natural health product stores.

Cramberry juice cleanse your system?

Cranberry juice is acidic and diuretic. It is also a good source of vitamin C. Many people drink cranberry juice for a system cleanse.

Will cranberry pills clean system of THC?

no, search dilution