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It depends. There was someone at my YMCA camp who I thought was flirting with me, but wasn't. So, it's all from personal experience.

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Q: Do boys like you when they insult and flirt with you?
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Do boys playfully insult you when they like you?

yes some of them do. not all of them. but it doesn't always mean he likes you. it really just depends on the guy. some guys flirt that way, while others just do it as a "polite" way to insult. flirt back and if he does more often then he probably likes you!

Do girls insult boys when they like them?


Why do girls flirt boys?

Girls flirt with boys because they like them. They feel that if they flirt with the guys then they will start to like them. I flirt with guys to give them signs that i like them or want them to come and talk to me:) - hopefully this helped

Why do girls flirt?

That is how they show boys they like them:)

What is a good way to flirt with the person you like?

A good way to flirt with someone you like is to tickle them not to hard tho! Another way is to try and kiss them. If you are a guy do not insult a girl its rude!

Do boys like girls who flirt with other guys more than they flirt with them?

No, no one likes to be ignored.

How do boys flirt if they know you like him?

They speak to you regularly and look at you.

Do boys like when girls flirt?

The guy will love it when she is in a relationship with the girl.

Why do girls and boys like to flirt?

to get to know their inner behavior and love

How do you make studious boys love playful girls?


What if some boys from moviestar planet don't like flirting?

dont flirt with them

Why are mexcian guys such big flirts?

It might be in their nature. They might be open to boys. They like boys obviously that is why they flirt.