Do boys ever fancy fat girls?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well boys should fancy you for who u r not just your shape of size. Some boys just like hot skinny girls but I know someone who is blonde, skinny and pretty, loads of people love her but some boys don't because they know who she is: Spiteful, mean and show off. So just be who u r and u never know!

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Q: Do boys ever fancy fat girls?
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Why do girls date fat boys but boys won't date fat girls?


Why does everyone hate fat girls but not fat boys?

fat boys tend to be funny and not try as hard as fat girls

Who is less dense boys or girls?

Boys, because they have less fat tissues than girls have

Which is most likely to be fat boys or girls?

boys as girls are more cautious about their weight

What does Jack up boys Fat girls can't jump?

In other words : Jack up your trucks boys, fat girls can't jump.

Why does nobody ever fancy you?

Because you may or may not be fat, or ugly.

Does the boys from mindless behavior like fat girls?

no they do not like fat girl

Why do boys hate fat girls you are people too?

Not all boys hate fat girls. Boys want someone who is fit and can show-off to there friends. (sometimes) Some boys dont really care about girls physical appereance. IT all depends on the guy.

Why don't any boys like fat girls?

my boyfriend does...=)

Why do all white boys absolutely hate fat girls?

Some boys not all find fat girls unattractive but they dont think that its about the personality not the looks! or Their stereotyped jerks if they think that

Are girls lighter than boys?

yes cuz boys got more muscles than girls and musclers are heavier than fat

Why do girls bruise easier than boys?

Girls bruise easier than boys because their skin is typically thinner and has less collagen, making it more susceptible to damage. Additionally, hormonal differences between males and females can affect blood vessel strength and elasticity, leading to easier bruising in girls.