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This is very common, and love is not always reciprocated. Sometimes it can be, but sometimes it isn't. If you are in love, really in love (not just in a relationship for either popularity -- if you are still in school -- or sex or just to have a boyfriend and not be single), then the ways you love each other don't matter because love makes you overlook differences and facial features and personality quirks and the fact (if so) that your love for each other is different.

If you are looking for love, I hope you succeed in finding the perfect person for you. There's a guy for every girl in this world, and the same vice versa.

If you are already with someone you love, then congratulations. I hope you two live long and happy lives together, and don't face too many rough spots.

If you have met someone already, but are not sure if you are in love or not, or if you think that your love might be one sided, I hope it all works out for you. Try not to push him/her into a relationship. Pushy people don't usually have much chance in finding The One. Take your relationship with him/her slowly, try to be honest with them, and with a pinch of luck, everything will work out just fine.

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Yes in different ways. you can love your family, And some other girls love girls that are not in there family. yes they can, it doesnt matter who it is yes girls can love other girls. it is the same with guys too.

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you will see by there behaviour you will see by there behaviour

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Some do and some don't, it depends on the personality of the boy.

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Q: Do boys and girls express love differently?
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