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All bones of a newborn start as cartilage therefore has no cavities. As the baby grows up, they turn into bones through ossification.

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Q: Do bones of the newborn generally lack cavities?
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At birth bones generally lack?

At birth, bones generally lack complete ossification, making them softer and more flexible to accommodate growth and development. They also lack density and strength, which increases as the child matures and goes through periods of bone remodeling.

What lack in the diet of a person that suffers from brittle bones?

Brittle bones are often due to a major lack of calcium in a person's diet.

What would lack of calcium do to bones?

Your bones will become weak and break easily.

What are bones that lack a long axis and have a somewhat irregular shape?

Irregular bones are bones that lack a long axis and have a non-uniform shape. They include bones such as the vertebrae in the spine, facial bones, and hip bones. These bones provide support and protection for various organs and tissues within the body.

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What does lack of calcium do to your bones?

A lack of calcium will make your bones brittle. This can make them break more easily than they would if you consumed normal levels of calcium.

Why do you get so many cavities all the time?

It could be due to a acidic diet, a sugar filled diet, lack of oral hygiene or you may produce a bacteria that causes cavities. Investigate the benefits of xylitol.

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Can lack of bone marrow allow you to dislocate bones?

You don't dislocate bones, you dislocate joints.

What disease are caused by lack of calcium?

Weak bones

How does a lack of calcium affect a sports person?

Lack of calcium can lead to bone deficiencies. Lack of calcium can also cause bones to be brittle. If one plays sports and has a lack of calcium, and ends up falling hard or getting a hard hit, broken bones can easily occur.