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Yes. The relationships between bail bondsmen and the courts are reciprocal.

Answer can be found on page 267 of your America's Courts and the Criminal Justice system book by David W. Neubauer and Henry F. Fradella

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Q: Do bail bondsmen have a reciprocal relationship with the courts?
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Are there bail bondsmen in Hawaii?


What is a common payment plan that bail bondsmen offer?

There are no "common" payment plans. Some states regulate bail bondsmen on a state level and through the insurance commissioners office.. the length of payment options is determined by their rules. If there is no regulations in place for the bail bondsmen in a state then the bonding agency it self determines what it would allow.

If you sign a bond for someone to get out of jail can the bail bondsmen issue a warrant for you if they jump bail?

No, but you will become liable for the full amount of the bail jumpers bond.

Where can listings of bounty hunter jobs be found?

Most bounty hunters get their cases from bail bondsmen in their area. The bondsmen usually have one or more bounty hunter on call. Introduce yourself to the local bail companies and let them know your services are available.

Where could one obtain bail bonds in CA?

Bail bonds can be obtained from almost any place in the United States. In CA or California, the best place to check is at bail bondsmen who can get you a bail bond.

If you get arrested on a bench warrant call a bail bondsmen to get you out and have the money on you in jail for the bail can you still get bailed out?

Yes, you just have to wait until they add your money to the books. But if you have the money on you why would you call the bondsmen?Added: Re: the clarification that was added to the discussion page. The answer is yes, you can do it that way.

Bail Bonds DIRECT?

Bail Bonds DIRECT is the company you need to get out of jail fast. Qualified bondsmen are available to help you or a loved one in your time of need

Who figures out bail?

Bail is determined by the courts. Bail can be set directly by a judicial officer or according to a bond schedule or criteria authorized by the courts.

Where does bail out money come from?

Bail money can come from the the private funds of the individual who is charged, or his family. Also, there are businesses called "Bail Bondsmen" who will, for a fee, loan bail money to the defendant. Their business is to make a return on this investment by charging a fee or interest on the bail amount that is put at risk. (i.e.- for putting up a bail of $1,000. they may charge a $100. fee) If the defendant "skips" and fails to appear in court, the bail bondsman is then out the entire $1,100. Sometimes they can have large amounts of money at risk and this does not make bail bondsmen happy. They will sometimes hire people to locate and return the missing defendant so that they can recovere their money.

Can the bail bondsmen sue you?

Yes. The contract for services between you and your bail bondsman is an enforceable legal contract.

What does cash only bond mean?

A cash-only bond means that the individual must pay the entire bond amount in cash, either in full or through a bail bondsman who requires cash collateral. This type of bond does not allow the use of property, assets, or other forms of payment to secure the release of the individual from custody.

Are Florida bail-bondsmen or bounty hunters allowed to use force?

No more force than is necessary to subdue a struggling absconder and take them into custody.