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Yes, and it's more severe in hot days (summer seasons).

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Q: Do all girls feet stink after wearing shoes all day?
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How can you make your feet not sweat or stink for 11 year old girls?

You can try wearing cotton socks, airy shoes, and from experience i know that those 'stink balls' you can put in your shoes when you are not wearing them work really well. Your shoes and feet will smell better in no time!

How do pointe shoes effect young girls feet over time?

It entirely depends on a young girls feet. If she is wearing shoes with too low of a vamp, her ankles can be damaged.

How come feet stink?

Because they sweat so much while wearing shoes/socks and it stays there until you remove the clothing.

Can you get sick from not wearing socks?

no not really but if you wear shoes without socks your feet's will sweat n they might stink when you take your shoes off.. but don't think someone can get sick from it..

Do you wear socks with van shoes?

I'd suggest wearing short ankles socks. People can barely see them, and your feet won't stink! :)

What causes your shoes to stink?

your feet silly

What happens when you put orange peel in your shoes over night?

your shoes smell zingy and don't stink of whatever your feet stink of!

Why do gymnasts feet stink?

Cause they wear shoes with no socks

How can you get the stink out of your shoes?

I spray the shoes with Lysol and put powder on them so my feet won't sweat.

How do you make your feet stink?

dont shower and keep wearing the same socks

Why is your feet stink when you don't wear shoes?

When you don't wear shoes, your feet are more likely to sweat and trap moisture, creating a humid environment that allows bacteria to thrive. These bacteria break down sweat into acids, leading to an unpleasant odor. Wearing socks and allowing your feet to breathe can help prevent this.

What are they wearing on there feet in last supper?