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Q: Do all antiacids cause diarrhrea
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What should not be taken with antiacids?

Prescription medications should not be taken with antiacids because the latter can interfere with the performance of medicines that are prescribed by your doctor.

Can you drink antiacids while pregnant?


What is the name of a spray can that begins with a?

Antiacids Spray. For bugs mostly.

When two amino acids are chemically joined together the result of?

There antiacids

Can acids stop indigestion?

All acids stop indigestion. Some may even kill you, and that'll stop it permanently! Cor. Antiacids generally stop indigestion, or at least they stop heartburn, if that's what you meant.

Can you take valtrex and antiacids?

yes. you can. i was recently prescribed Valtrex and Vicodin by the same doctor to help with a painful herpes outbreak.

Can you take antacid with Vicodin and naproxen?

-Only From Personal experiance from when I went to the Emergency Room. The doctor asked me if I was taking antiacids. I told him I was on Tagament for my ulcers. He stated to me " That the lining of your stomache can thin from being on these antiacids and thus allowing more of the medication into your system faster and would appear to be stronger. That is only what they told me. matter of fact they removed me from that while taking the Percocet and Norcos. Hope this helps.

Is anti acid a base or acid?

Antiacids are bases because they work by neutralizing the excess stomach acid that causes indigestion and heartburn. They help to raise the pH level in the stomach, providing relief from symptoms.

Will b12 enhance Adderall?

Not sure about b12, but anything that is considered a "base" such as milk, tums, or other antiacids will increase absorption of adderall. Anything acidic, such as citrus, fruit juices, ect. will decrease absorption and weaken the overall effect of the drug.

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