Do aliens smell

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes they smell slightly like giant fairys with a sent of 5 headed dogs:)

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Q: Do aliens smell
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How do the aliens from aliens vs predator see?

They can't, they have special noses on the tip of it's head and they have a brilliant sense of smell!

Do the aliens from aliens vs predator have eyes?

Nope its like a beserker from gears of war they depend on sence of smell, touch, sound, and vibrations

What are the positives of anatomical similarities of sharks?

purple because aliens dont smell 20

What does aliens on earth smell like?

an erotic aroma of herbs and spices with a dash of lemon

How do you attract aliens to earth?

On a night when there is no moon at all, place a tray of fresh (must be very fresh) donuts with a pitcher of cold milk on the roof. They can smell fresh donuts like a shark can smell blood in the water.

How do you grow baby aliens out of aliens?

There is no evidence that aliens exist therefore the biology of aliens, if they do, is unknown

What are the names of the aliens in Unlimited Aliens and what do they do?

They are called Scardox Aliens.

Can aliens abduct you?

If there are aliens

How do aliens get babies?

There are no aliens.

Do aliens think they you are aliens?

yes. we think other species are aliens because we dont know what they are. maybe aliens dont know about us and think we are aliens.

What restrictions do aliens have that citizens do not?

Aliens can be deported. You can not deport a citizen. Aliens cant vote Aliens can not run for political office

What if Aliens exist would they call us aliens?

If we were there, we would be aliens. If they were here, they would be the aliens. Depends on the type of alien.