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It means go out with him, but people won't be ok with it, but you will also be happy.

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Q: Do You Like This Boy or Does He Like You I had a dream that this boy hugged me and his friend walked in and said Eww So the boy that I hugged said Then how do you like this He kissed me Meaning?
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An adverb is a word that describes or qualifies an adjective or a verb. He walked SLOWLY (slowly describes how she walked, walked being the verb) She hugged the child GENTLY (Gently describes the way the child was hugged). I want to study HARD (Study is the verb and hard is the adverb that qualifies study). I really hope that helps you. (really is the adverb qualifying the verb hope).

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You think about him. ALOT

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NP _ PRO - HE vp -walked

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