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I don't think so, I think the reason that is believed is that women in general tend to show their emotions more, where men tend to be less likely to show their emotions. Men for the, most part tend to hold their feelings inside more and not be so emotional, at least in front of others, giving them the appearance of "falling out of love" faster.

Men hurt and hurt for usually the same amount of time as a woman, depending on the situation, they (we) just don't tend to share it as easily with others.

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Q: Do Women fall out of love slower?
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Why do women love deeper than men?

Love is hardly the answer. Women do not in fact love deeper than men. In fact it has been proven that men are more romantic than women. Men fall in love easier and fall out of love slower than women. Men are more hurt by break ups than women. So, in essence your question is flawed from the beginning. How do I know? Social Psychology.

What is love and fall love?

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How do women fall in love?

When I fall in love, it will be forever, or I'll never fall in love. When I give my heart, it will be completely, or I'll never give my heart On the moment, I can feel that, you feel that way too, Is when I fall in love, with you.

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Men and women fall in love for a variety of reasons. Falling in love is part of human nature.

How do women fall in love and what do they feel?

Women fall in love mostly by what they hear. Once a woman hears words that give her value, she develops great affection for the other person.

Why men and women inlove?

Men and women fall in love for a variety of reasons. Falling in love is part of human nature.

Why single men fall in love with married women?

Because some women are attractive

Why do people women in particular fall in love for all the reasons?

it is based from psychology. women fall in love for psychological reasons. since psychology is diverse, i don't think there's a blanket answer for that.

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Women do not always fall in love easily. Find one that likes you, but you can't make someone like you.

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you should fall in love with a women when, everytime you see her, hear her, think about her and feel different of her then other women ( in a loving romantic way), and you both know each other very well and you know you are ready to take it to the next level is when you should fall in love.