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No, Irish people don't have green blood. We're Irish people, not leprechauns.

This is coming from an Irish person.

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Q: Do Irish people have green blood?
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Are there green eyed Irish people?

Yes, I'm a green eyed person of Irish desent.

What color on the Irish flag represents the native people of Ireland?


What do people wear to the North Wildwood festival?

green Irish shirts

How do you say green in Irish?

Green. The Irish speak English...

How much Irish blood must you have to be in the Irish mafia?

100% Irish blood

Is Greenland a Jewish name?

Greenland is an Irish name. This is proven because Irish people are always represented by something green, such as a clover, or Saint Patricks Day. Greenland is well not green but still called green.

Is green the colour of the Irish flag?

Green, white and gold are the Offaly colours, one of Ireland's counties. The Irish flag is green, white and orange. Some people mistakenly say gold for the orange in the Irish flag, or mistakenly use orange instead of gold for the Offaly flag.No, there is no gold on it. That is a common mistake. The flag is green, white and orange. It is not green, white and gold.

Why are the Boston Celtics green?

Boston is an Irish city, the color of the Irish is green

What is the middle colour of the Irish flag?

There are three colors in the Irish flag. They are green, white and orange. This flag was adopted in 1919 during the Irish War for Independence, and then after the war, by the Irish Free State.

What colors do Irish people wear?

In modern-day Ireland they wear any color they like. The stereotypical Irish color is green.

What is the duration of Blood of the Irish?

The duration of Blood of the Irish is 3600.0 seconds.

According to Ireland what does the color green mean?

On the Irish flag it represents the nationalist people.