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Although you may Want crutches if it hurts a lot when you walk, that doesn't necessarily mean that you Need them. It would be a good idea to check in with a doctor if this condition persists for a few days or more.

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If it is too painful to walk on an injured foot or ankle, crutches or some kind of cane should be used. While pain is a normal part of the healing process, it can also be an indicator that a follow up trip to the doctor is needed.

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Q: Do I need crutches if my acute ankle injury hurts too much to walk?
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Can you use crutches if you haven't broken a toe but it still hurts insanely to walk on?

Yes, you can use crutches to help alleviate pressure and pain on your toe. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the underlying cause of the pain and to ensure you are using the crutches correctly to prevent further injury.

Are ankle braces good to use?

Ankle braces are for when you fracture or sprain your ankle you could use it if your ankle still hurts form when it's fractured!

What should you do if your ankle hurts when you walk?

Rap it up

I just hurted my ankle bone it hurts so bad. My clinic doctor said it wasn't broken Why does it still hurt?

if you have sprained or rolled your ankle, it is going to hurt. alot. when i sprained mine it hurt for so long after and i was crying for the rest of the day. a sprain is actually worse than a break, because it hurts more. bones are not connected to any nerves and if it's a break, it will hurt for a bit after the injury has occurred, maybe 10 minutes after, however a sprain means that the ligaments are stretched and need to be shrunk back, meaning of course it is going to hurt more. the best thing you can do is RICE, and hire crutches. DO NOT DO SPORT FOR A FEW WEEKS!

What should you do if your ankle hurts while walking in middle school?

What to do when your ankle hurtsgo to the nurse's office to see what is wrong

What if ankle just hurts when you walk?

I'd get it checked out by a doctor, you might've sprained it.

Why does my ankle hurt when it rains. I broke it over 3 years ago and now have a titanium screw in it ever since then it hurts when it is going to rain?

your ankle hurts because the rain is attracted to your foot. if i was you, i would get it removed?xx

Will you need crutches if you've hurt your big toe really badly?

I recently kicked this wall (3 weeks ago) and split my toe open. It hurts very bad to put all my weight on it and if i barely stub it it reopens and hurts very bad. its kinda infected (i wont go into detail because idk if u r queesy) but i would recommend crutches for a big toe injury. I just dont like not being able to do things. your big toe is like the foundation for walking and the sooner healed the better

If you Ankle hurts what could be wrong?

Well it could be many things, so i would go to a doctor and get it checked out. You could have a sprained or twisted ankle.

Ankle hurts no swelling?

This happened 2 me 2 i went to the doctor and they said I have tendonitis

One ankle bone is bigger than the one on the other foot and it hurts?

have you broken it?

How do you use the word ankle in a sentence?

She twisted her ankle when she fell.A broken ankle really hurts.