Do I need crutches if my acute ankle injury hurts too much to walk?

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If it is too painful to walk on an injured foot or ankle, crutches or some kind of cane should be used. While pain is a normal part of the healing process, it can also be an indicator that a follow up trip to the doctor is needed.

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Q: Do I need crutches if my acute ankle injury hurts too much to walk?
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Do you need crutches if your leg hurts?

Only if you broke it or sprained it badly. The need for crutches depends on what is causing your leg to hurt. Crutches are used to reduce/remove stress from an injured leg. Using crutches may help to prevent further injury, and enable your leg to heal faster.

How do you treat a sprained ankle?

first of all if it hurts alot then you should go to the doctor and the doctor would probably let you wear a cast and use crutches.

Which hurts less breaking your ankle or sprain your ankle?

spraining your ankle hurts worse than breaking it.

What does a broken ankle feel like?

A broken ankle hurts very badly. Usually it hurts to walk on it.

How long does a twisted ankle take to heal?

It depends on how badly it's sprained, but usually between 2 and 5 days. It hurts allot at first, but quickly gets stronger and you very rarely need crutches.

What to do if your ankle hurts but it's not swollen?

Use an ankle brace like ace bandage.

Are ankle braces good to use?

Ankle braces are for when you fracture or sprain your ankle you could use it if your ankle still hurts form when it's fractured!

What should you do if your ankle hurts when you walk?

Rap it up

How do you roll your ankle?

When you somehow turn your ankle enough when your running or jumping, to land on it. It hurts like hell

What does a fractured ankle feel like?

it hurts really bad

What should you do if your ankle hurts you walk?

see a medical practitioner

What should you do if your ankle hurts while walking in middle school?

What to do when your ankle hurtsgo to the nurse's office to see what is wrong

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