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Yes, French people do wear their wedding ring on the right hand. However, in the United States, people wear their wedding rings on their left hand.

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Q: Do French wear wedding ring on right hand?
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Do you wear your engagement ring on the right hand?

Your engagement ring goes on the left hand ring finger, then at the wedding you move it to the right hand so your wedding ring can be placed on this finger and move it back later. You can buy engagement and wedding rings that match, but if you have a very fancy engagement ring it is better to have a plain wedding ring.

Why do men wear wedding ring on the right hand?

In the US it is customary to wear a wedding ring on the Left Hand.

If you wear a wedding ring and engagement ring on the same finger where can the eternity ring go?

Engagement on the right hand ring finger, and then Wedding and Eternity on your left hand ring finger. You can also put the eternity ring on your right hand ring finger.

What makes your left hand your right?

A wedding ring The left hand is the 'right' hand to wear it

What hand do you put a wedding ring on?

all over the world the wedding ring is accepted to be on the left hand but only for the orthodox christians its on the right hand.

Can a promise ring be worn on the right hand?

yes, but it is mostly worn on the left hand because wedding ring are worn on the right hand

Can a man wear his wedding ring on his right hand before marriage?

A man can wear his wedding ring on his right hand before marriage. However, when a man or a woman wears a wedding ring on the right hand it frequently means that person is a widower or a widow. Wearing a ring that way could send the wrong message.

Which hand do Italians wear their wedding ring on?

which finger do Italians where wedding rings on

What hand does a man wear his wedding ring in Israel?

The right

What hand does a Honduras man wear his wedding ring?


Why do some wear their wedding ring on their right hand?

AnswerSome people wear wedding rings on their right hand but are not married. for example, I wear a wedding ring on my right hand because it was my grandmother's ring, I inherited it when she passed away, and I want to wear it because it was a very special ring to her and my grandmother and I were very close. Some people think I am married because I have the ring on my right ring finger but the proper place for a wedding ring is on the left ring finger when married.There is no law that says you have to wear a ring nor, if you choose to, where you have to wear it. It is merely a convention.

Why do you wear a wedding ring?

To show the love and fidelity that you have for your husband/wife.