Do British have bigger penises

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do British have bigger penises
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Why are some penises bigger than others?

Some penises are bigger than others because of the different physiques and genes that we have as human beings.

What is it with the guys with 12 inch and bigger penises?


Is a cow penis bigger than a horses?

No. And for your information, cows don't have penises because they are female mature bovines. Bulls have penises, not cows. And no, a bull's penis is not bigger than a stallion's.

What is the mission statement of Dunnes Stores Ireland?

dunnes stores aiming for bigger penises around the world...

What is helium's historical information?

it haqs none to cause people to get bigger penises and has been proven to make you do your mom more

Do athletes have bigger penises?

No. Being a athlete is not something the genes know you will become and it is in the genes the size is decided. It's inherited.

Do German men have bigger penises?

depends on genetics and family history, but I'm German and I can'y complain about my friend downstairs LOL.

Do all boys have big penises?

Uhh no it depends mostly on what your genes are but nowadays u can change the size bigger so it really depends

Do Dylan and cole Sprouse have big penises?

yes he does its very big i know cuz i sucked it sucked it hard

Do bigger penises contain more semen?

No, a large penis is not correlated with a higher ejaculation volume. The size of the testicles also has nothing to do with semen amount.

How big do girls like penises to be?

It depends on the girl. Most say bigger the better, but if you've for a really great girl she won't care about the size.

What provinces is bigger Egypt or the Canadian provinces?

Canadian provinces are bigger (example: British Columbia is a province that is bigger)