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Q: Do Ada bathroom doors have to have a closer?
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Is there a code for minimum width of interior door in public building?

Yes, an ADA bathroom should be 36". Other doors that are not required acess doors, closets ect, have no minimum.

Is Ada Michigan closer to Grand Rapids Michigan than Dutton Michigan?

Yes, Ada is closer to Grand Rapids.

What are ADA regulations for a handicapped bathroom sink?


Is a clearance under the bathroom sink required for ADA code?


Should all bathroom stall doors open out?

No, bathroom stall doors must open inward so that the designed lock can function properly.

Where can you find bathroom piping diagrams?

local plumbing code or Ada requirements

Ada bathroom sign height requirement?

60" to the center line of the sign.

Why do some bathrooms not have handicap stalls that fit ADA Bathroom regulations?

Not all business, private and public, establishments are required to follow ADA bathroom regulations. It must be readily achievable and not cause difficulty or financial hardship to the business.

Bathroom Showers?

form_title= Bathroom Showers form_header= Create a bathroom oasis with a new shower! Do you prefer a walk-in shower?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure Do you prefer sliding doors?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure Do you want glass doors?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure

What height are bathroom stall doors from the ground?

one foot

Bathroom door size?

2'-6" Answer: The average size of a bathroom door is 28" wide and 80" tall. There are other sized bathroom doors. They make an extra tall bathroom door also.

How do students decorate the bathroom stall doors in speak the novel?

In the novel "Speak," the students decorate the bathroom stall doors with graffiti, drawings, and various writings. Each student contributes something to the door as a form of expression and communication with others who visit the stall. The bathroom stall doors serve as a space where students can share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences anonymously.