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nebulizer ... most people call it an inhaler though

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The nebulizer dispenses large doses of medication in the form of a mist that is inhaled via a face mask or mouthpiece.

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Q: Dispenses large doses of medication in the form of a mist that is inhaled via a face mask or mouth piece?
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What is a large automated machine that dispense unit-does medication?

OmniDispenser™ is one large automated machine that dispenses unit-dose medication. It is a machine that is similar to a vending machine that stores medications in a separate, secured location in the automated dispensing cabinet and dispenses each dose individually. Nurses only have access to the specific quantity of items requested.

Is chlorine green and poisonous at room temperature?

Chlorine has a yellowish green color at room temperature and is fatal if inhaled in large doses.

What is a food industrial depositor?

its a machine which dispenses food for large business productions

How long after a tramadol tablet 75.5 mg should you wait to have a drink?

You should not drink at all while taking tramadol or any other pain medication. Alcohol will intensify the effects of the medication and if mixed together in large doses can actually cause respiratory depression

Is a cotoneaster edible?

No. poisonous in large doses.

What are some drugs teenagers use?

Anything that will get them high. All your illegal drugs plus a boat load of over the counter drugs when taken in large doses and also paint, glue anything that has a strong sent can usually be huffed or inhaled repeatedly untill high.

What kinds of over the counter medicines can be harmful if taken in large quantities?

Any drug or medication supplied over-the-counter can be harmful when taken in large doses, even if the drug is said to be mild, gentle or 'low-level'.Directions on the dosage to take should always be adhered to when dealing with medication/drugs. Such directions can usually be found on the packet/container that the drug/medication came in, and/or may be present on a piece of paper or booklet included with the drug/medication. If in doubt, consult a pharmacist or doctor and ask for their advice as to a suitable dosage.

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What do dieticians think about vitamin supplements?

they can harm if in large doses

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Absolutlely anything can kill you in large enough doses.

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Taken in large doses it can become slightly addictive.

Waves that in large doses can cause skin cancer and cataracts?