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Q: Dilantin 150mg is needed and if I have 125mg is equal to 5ml what is the dose to give?
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How many grams is equal to 125mg?

0.125 grams (1 gm = 1000 mg)

How many 50mcg pills equal 0.125mg?

*1000 mcg = 1 mg* .125mg = 50mcg (x) .125mg x (1000mcg / 1mg) = 50mcg (x) 125mcg = 50mcg (x) x = 2.5 So 2.5 (50mcg) pills equal 0.125mg

150mg is equal to how many g?

150 milligrams = 0.15 grams

How many 50mcg synthroid equal 0.125 mg of synthroid?

*1000mcg = 1mg* 125mg = 50mcg(x) 125mg x (1000mcg/1mg) = 50mcg(x) 125mcg= 50mcg(x) x = 2.5

150mg is equal to what in ml?

The conversion of milligrams (mg) to milliliters (ml) depends on the density of the substance. Without knowing the density of the specific substance, it is not possible to provide a direct conversion.

How mg equals 150 mcg?

To convert micrograms (mcg) to milligrams (mg), divide by 1000. So, 150 mcg is equal to 0.15 mg (150/1000 = 0.15).

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70 amp is equal to how many amp?

More information needed.

How many capsules should the nurse give for the morning medication if the doctor ordered 2G of Dilantin but the medication is available in 100Mg?

20 caps would equal the 2 grams.......but I would verify the dose and be sure that "Grams" is what the dose reads because it could be units of phenytoin....or all together could be a drip of FOSphenytoin!! Different drug in IV form....double check....and Dilantin comes in liquid form also....crummy orange-ish flavor but may be easier than 20 caps!

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About 7,570.824 mL is needed to equal two US gallons.

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